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Sailun EcoPoint3 Technology Wins China Automotive Wind & Cloud Ceremony Award

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On the evening of January 28th, the fourth annual 'China Automotive Festival' presented by China Central Television (CCTV) took place at the Beijing National Stadium. This ceremony, themed around health, aimed to promote the high-quality development of the Chinese automotive industry.

At the ceremony, awards were presented for the Annual Influential Vehicle, Special Jury Award, Three Major Vehicle Categories, and Ten Individual Awards. Additionally, the results of new awards introduced for 2023, such as 'Annual Leading Figure in Overseas Markets,' 'Annual Innovative Technology Team,' 'Annual Vanguard Design Team,' and others, were announced on-site. A total of 18 vehicle models from 24 automotive companies, along with 4 technologies, 1 application software, 1 individual, and 2 teams, were honored with awards..

Mrs. Liu Yanhua, Chairwoman of Sailun Group, received the award on stage.

In China's journey from being a major automobile nation to becoming a robust automotive power, tires play a vital role in supporting the development of the automotive industry. Particularly against the backdrop of the current accelerated transformation of the automotive industry towards electrification and intelligence; tires, being the sole components of a vehicle in direct contact with the ground, not only need to meet consumers' growing demands for enhanced automotive performance and expectations of a better travel experience, but also bear the mission of contributing to the development of the automotive industry.

EcoPoint3Technology is the result of decades of collaborative innovation within the tire industry and its industry chain. It employs a groundbreaking liquid-phase mixing technology, successfully overcoming the century-old challenge known as the 'Magic Triangle' in the tire industry. While reducing rolling resistance, it simultaneously enhances wet grip performance and wear resistance. This breakthrough has led to an unprecedented leap in the overall performance of tires.

According to international authoritative test data, using EcoPoint3 tires can reduce fuel consumption by 8% for ICEs, saving approximately 0.6 liters per 100 kilometers. For electric vehicles, it can achieve 12% energy-savings per 100 kilometers, extending the range by 40-60 kilometers on a single charge. When braking at a speed of 80 km/h, the wet braking distance of EcoPoint3 tires is shortened by 7 meters compared to regular tires. The wear resistance is increased by 20%-30% compared to regular tires, and tire noise is reduced by 1-2 decibels. While significantly improving the driving experience for vehicle owners, EcoPoint3 tires also achieve a green, low-carbon, and sustainable development throughout their entire lifecycle, from raw material selection and production to product use.

Seizing this opportunity, Sailun will continue to dedicate itself to technological innovation, contributing to and enhancing the development of the Chinese automotive industry. Sailun aims to empower and add brilliance to the industry, while contributing its share towards the safe, green, and intelligent mobility for users worldwide!

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