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Liquid Gold Tires Shine at the China Automotive Festival

2024-02-03 Hits:329

EcoPoint3, the ground-breaking rubber technology, was shortlisted for the Jury’s Choice Award at this year’s China Automotive Festival.

As the most influential and authoritative auto industry event, the China Automotive Festival aims to select car models and automotive technologies of the year that have received high acknowledgement by consumers, are at the forefront of market development, and represent a pioneering spirit in automotive technology innovation. 

In this case, tires serve an important purpose that many may not immediately consider. As the only part of direct contact between a car and the ground, tires significantly impact vehicle performance.

Sailun was honored to attend the shortlist-announcement ceremony with its EcoPoint3 technology, standing shoulder to shoulder with esteemed car manufacturers. This occasion gave tires a chance to transition from the backstage to the spotlight, claiming a position on the authoritative stage of the automotive industry. Notably, Sailun proudly stands as the only auto parts company to earn a spot on the shortlist since the inception of the esteemed China Automotive Festival. 

Sailun Group CEO Xiaohong Xie (3rd from the left) on stage

Sailun's well-deserved recognition stems from the revolutionary EcoPoint3 tires (known as Liquid Gold Tires in China) which utilize the world pioneering liquid phase mixing technology.

This innovation uniquely enhances tire performance in wear resistance, rolling resistance, and wet grip simultaneously, while also boasting a greener and more sustainable tire lifecycle. This technology propels a tire's comprehensive performance to unprecedented heights, setting a new benchmark in the industry.

Using EcoPoint3 tires in EVs not only extends the cruising range by an impressive 40 to 60 kilometers, but also enhances tire wear resistance by 20% to 30%. On slippery roads, for example, braking at a speed of 80 km/h with EcoPoint3 tires results in a braking distance that is 7 meters shorter compared to ordinary tires.

This exemplifies the tangible benefits of EcoPoint3 tires in optimizing both efficiency and safety for car performance.

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