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Sailun continues to enhance its brand internationalization strategy in collaboration with Phoenix TV

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Sailun continues to enhance its brand internationalization strategy in collaboration with Phoenix TV. In 2023, Sailun Group made a comprehensive appearance on CCTV (China Central Television), engaging in activities such as live factory tours, guest interviews, and attending Asian Festival. These activities gained exposure for Sailun, reaching thousand of people.


At the outset of 2024, Sailun Group signed an All-media Cooperation Agreement with Phoenix TV. The agreement is a significant step in continuing to promote the brand's internationalization strategy, aiming to propel Sailun onto the global stage and showcase Sailun to the world.

In recent years, Sailun Group has consistently placed technological innovation and brand building as its driving forces, accelerating both globalization and the enhancement of brand innovation. Phoenix TV, the largest overseas all-media Chinese media group, operates 6 TV channels and maintains 60 reporter stations worldwide. It has the ability to swiftly report on breaking news in 190 countries and regions, demonstrating a leading international perspective, an extensive all-media communication framework, and a robust global influence.


Starting January 1st, Sailun will be the title sponsor of Phoenix TV's primetime news, China News Live (Chinese name 华闻大直播). The company will also broadcast advertisements during China News Live, Phoenix Morning Express, Phoenix Evening Express, and other programs. Additionally, it will leverage Phoenix TV's integrated media matrix, including Phoenix Show and Phoenix Weekly, along with platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, for a widespread global reach. This strategic approach aims to effectively attract high-end audiences and enhance the global brand influence and credibility of Sailun Group.


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