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The Sany Mota 1165 heavy-duty electric truck fitted with Sailun’s EcoPoint3 tires broke the Guinness World Record for the longest travel distance of 800km by a semi-trailer electric truck on a single change. The electric truck began the challenge on June 6.


The truck completed the grueling 16-hour journey from Changsha to Dongguan. Chairman of Sany Heavy Truck Liang Linhe drove and followed the car, and interacted with netizens in a livestream to capture the historic moment. A Guinness World Record adjudicator witnessed and verified the record attempt before Sany was certified to have broken the world record.

Sailun’s 12R22.5 18PR SFL1 EcoPoint3 tires that were fitted for the Sany Mota 1165 electric truck utilizes the world’s first liquid phase mixing technology, with a rolling resistance coefficient of about 3.9N/kN that can reduce the vehicle’s energy consumption by over 7%. The tires should last 300,000km while also providing a comfortable and quite ride for the driver. The China Rubber Industry Association has also awarded the tires with the highest tire label grading standards rating of 3A. The tires are expected to save users RMB17,600 in electricity costs throughout its service life.


As a strategic partner of Sany Heavy Truck, Sailun Group will continue to boost its products and services, as well as achieve breakthroughs in key technologies to better support clients’ product performance.

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