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Sailun Tire Team Wins Two Stages at Talkimakan (International) Rally 2023

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The Taklimakan (International) Rally 2023 took a short break following extreme weather and rough road conditions on May 24. The Zhengzhou Nissan Sailun Tire Team is currently the biggest winner after triumphing in two of the three stages.

From the muddy terrain of Xinjiang’s Aksu to the demanding N39, the Taklimakan (International) Rally 2023 proved to be challenging. The off-road event not only tests the car’s capabilities and driver’s skills, but also tire performance, to determine victory.


During the SS1 stage at Aksu’s Wensu county, the complex terrain with gorges, gravel and riverbeds caused problems for drivers, while heavy rain and hail made the race even more challenging. Many seeded drivers also struggled during the N39 stage with a tricky dead-end road and other traps.

Several drivers hailed the performance of Sailun tires after the race. “We were not only able to complete the race, but also won when other cars were stuck in the mud. The quality of Sailun tires played a big role in the victory,” said one driver.

Wang Tao from Sailun Group Technology R&D Center’s PC Development Department said: “This year’s rally is in south Xinjiang. There are a lot of desert roads here, so all-terrain tires were mainly used. We improved the tires based on the terrain conditions of each stage. We optimized the tire’s carcass to ensure stable performance under high temperature conditions. We also focused on improving the stiffness and handling stability of the tires”.


Every race is a test of Sailun tires, and every win is testament of Sailun tires’ quality. Sailun not only earned praise after emerging victorious twice in three stages, but also made the team confident with the upcoming races.

Contestants are expected to face the most challenging and intense races in the next six stages. For Zhengzhou Nissan Sailun Tire Team, the key is to stay competitive, be well-prepared for the races and bring their A game.

We believe the Sailun tire team will win more honors with Sailun’s ultra-high performance tires, the skills of the drivers and hard work of the entire team.

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