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Sailun Captures Five Championship Trophies in CDB Asia Cup’s Zhengzhou Race

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In just one month, the battle to lift the CDB Asia Cup 2023 moved from Beijing to Zhengzhou. Rain during the three-day race did not dampen the spirits of the drift drivers as two rounds of the R4-R5 race were full of excitement. The five drivers representing Sailun Tire continued their good form and won 5 championships and another 4 podium finishes to add glory to Sailun Tire.

The Zhengzhou track is challenging, with a straight road leading towards a right-angle turn to the left, followed by a U-shaped bend, as well as a combination of high-speed corners and U-shaped bends. There are six scoring zones. While the entire track is challenging for drivers, cars and tires, it makes the race more interesting to watch.


The race attracted 90 top drivers from China, Japan, Korea, Kuwait and other countries. Cheered on by spectators, drivers in the OPEN, PRO and AM groups took to the track one after another in the solo and drift chase events.

Sailun Tire improved its tires for the Zhengzhou race, with the PD series of slick tires seeing better performance following adjustments from the Beijing race.

Whether it’s providing support for entering the S1 at high speed after deceleration at the end of a straight road, or offering strong grip against the high torque output of rear wheels in the two U-shaped bends, the PD series of slick tires can do it all. The performance of Sailun tires remained consistent throughout the race and earned Sailun drivers nine individual trophies and one team championship trophy despite having to adapt to dry and slippery tracks.


The victories are a great motivation for Sailun Tire. The best preparation is to do your best as each race is different and more difficult challenges lie ahead. Sailun has the ability and confidence to help the team succeed with its strengths in tire R&D and manufacturing.

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