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SUPERRACE, Korea’s leading FIA-accredited racing series, kicked off this this weekend to national attention. Two rounds were held during the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd seeing around 30,000 people in attendance over two days of exciting sporting events.


Sailun Tire and SUPERRACE, a subsidiary for CJ Logistics, officially announced their partnership in April naming Sailun as the official tire supplier for all vehicles participating in the GT Class series. This is the first time in the history of the Korean SUPERRACE that any international brand tire had participated as a tire supplier sponsor.

SUPERRACE is made up of four racing categories including the top level SUPER 6000 Class, mid-level GT Class and M Class, and the lower level Sports Prototype Cup Korea. Within this platform Sailun saw an opportunity to improve brand awareness as well as allow racers and spectators to experience the quality of Sailun Tire technology for themselves.

Sailun take long to surprise racers, earning the GT Class’s fastest lap time in the last three seasons with 2:02.970 (R1) & 2:02.854 (R2) being made during qualifying rounds, 2 seconds faster compared to the previous leading Tier 2 competitor’s fastest historical lap time.

Sailun interviewed racers from Round 2 regarding the performance of the Gene-R Series racing slicks.


“The tires were exceptional in their performance. This is the first time we’ve used Sailun brand tires so we of course were completely in the dark on how they’d perform. After using them however, I was extremely satisfied. The tires were warming up a little slowly compared to what we’re used to but once ready they maintained exceptional handling stability.” said the Round 2 second place winner.

“The tire performance was better than I expected. The grip was stable throughout the race which made me satisfied with the overall tire performance” – Round 2 Winner

At the event, the local Sailun Korea PCR customer Apache was also creating excitement of their own with merchandise giveaways drawing numerous SUPERRACE fans of all ages to learn more about the soft launch of ERANGE | EV & EcoPoint3. With its ability to reduce rolling resistance, improve braking performance, as well as offer improved wear resistance, racing is another category where Sailun is considering to utilize its breakthrough compound technology. More information on the application of EcoPoint3 technology in racing tires will come later in the year.

With one of the most sophisticated tire and rubber technological research platforms, Sailun focuses on the development of high quality tire products for use in daily life as well as in the most extreme, professional uses. Sailun began its professional racing journey in 2018 when it partnered with multiple racers in Japan, Russia and China to participate in professional drifting events such as D1GP. Natural progression into other areas of racing helped to breed the competition slick tires back in 2020, and over these three years have been fine-tuned for use in international racing competitions.


Sailun is gearing up for Round 3 of SUPERRACE to be held on June 4th. Stayed tuned for more info in Sailun’s tire performance in top tier tire competitions!

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