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Sailun announces launch of EcoPoint3 technology and dedicated EV tires ERANGE | EV in North America

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Sailun Group unveiled its EcoPoint3 technology and ERANGE | EV, the group’s first dedicated EV passenger car tire, during a launch event during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas on November 1. Nearly 300 tire dealer partners from North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, as well as journalists were present to witness the milestone.

The ERANGE | EV line is a new generation tires for electric vehicles utilizing the cutting-edge EcoPoint3 technology to address tire industry’s “Magic Triangle” problem. The tires not only reduce braking distance and noise, but also boost the cruising range of electric vehicles through improved rolling resistance.

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President of Sailun Tire Americas, Peter Koszo, gave a presentation on the EcoPoint3 technology and ERANGE | EV electric vehicle tires during the launch event.

Dealers expressed their confidence in the new tires and willingness to partner with Sailun. “This new technology is amazing, it will change the entire tire industry, we will sell it at our retail stores and recommend it to our customers,” one dealer said. “It’s incredible that these tires can improve the cruising range of electric vehicles. I’m sure there will a huge demand for these tires.”

Another long-term partner stated that “as a Chinese tire company, Sailun has achieved some of the fastest growth in the industry over the past few years, especially in achievements with new technology. We hope to further and deepen our strategic cooperation with Sailun.”

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The launch of the ERANGE | EV tires is expected to boost Sailun’s competitiveness in the electric car tire segment and elevate Sailun closer to its goal of becoming an established and globally influential brand, especially in North America. Following the launch of the groundbreaking tires in the US, Sailun will also roll out these EV dedicated tires in other countries around the world to serve more customers with the latest technology and products, while offering the best user experience.

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