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Sailun Group Q3 Financial Report

2022-11-16 Hits:1552

On October 31st, Sailun released its 2022 3rd quarter report showing double digit growth in both operating income and net profit from January through September, ranking first out of all A-share listed tire industry companies.


From January through September 2022, Sailun Group operating income reached 16.7 billion CNY, with a record high YoY growth of 26.22%. Net profit attributed to shareholders reached 1.065 billion CNY, up 6.24% YoY. Net cash flow from operating activities was 1.03 billion CNY, up 93.15% YoY. At the end of September 2022, the group’s net assets attributable to shareholders was 11.8 billion CNY, an increase of 10.39% over the beginning of the period; total assets were 31.1 billion CNY, an increase of 18.92% over the beginning of the period.


Sailun Group maintains a strong growth trajectory as its operating income and net profit rank first among A-share listed companies in the tire industry by a large advantage. In the third quarter, Sailun Group achieved an operating income of 6.225 billion yuan, up 35.52% YoY and 10.56% month-on-month; The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 350 million yuan, up 17.17% year on year.


Sailun Group will continue to play to its brand advantages, enhance core competitiveness, respond to changing market situations, and push to maintain its position at the heights of the tire industry.

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