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2022 Global Tire Company Ranking: Sailun Enters Top 15

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With tire sales totaling 2.661 billion USD in 2021, Sailun Tire rose two spots to secure the 15th spot in the US publication Tire Business’ 2022 Global Tire Company Rankings, which was released on August 27.

The global tire industry faced numerous challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn in 2021. Sailun Tire turned those challenges into opportunities, focusing on product research and development, digital transformation, business model innovation, global expansion and brand building to boost its product and brand value.

In terms of product research and development, Sailun unveiled its newest line of tires equipped with EcoPoint3 technology at the Qingdao Innovation Festival last year. The tires were developed using the new EcoPoint3 rubber material technology which improves wear resistance and wet skid performance while reducing rolling resistance, collectively known as the “Magic Triangle”. The groundbreaking rubber compound technology has also been touted as the fourth technological innovation milestone in the global tire industry.

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During the Tire Cologne 2022 international trade fair in May this year, Sailun also showcased its newest generation of PCR and TBR tires equipped with EcoPoint3 technology for the international market. Several international third-party organizations, including TÜV SÜD, tested the tires and found that performance of products using this new technology reached or even exceeded the standards of top global tire brands. Four of the tires showcased obtained TÜV MARK certification marking the best performance from a Chinese tire manufacturer to-date. 

Sailun has been developing smart manufacturing, smart supply chain, retail store collaboration, domestic and international logistics and smart tire services as part of its digital transformation efforts. The company promotes the use of its Eco-Rubber Cloud industrial internet platform, which can realize supply chain traceability from supplier production and delivery to after-sales services, as well as foster end-to-end collaboration with raw material providers in the upstream supply chain. Built through the Eco-Rubber Cloud platform, the smart factory has realized horizontal integration with third-party technologies, and the vertical integration of manpower, equipment, materials, methods, environment and testing of all production lines. The platform won first prize last year in the “Industrial Internet and Lean Production Competition” at the 2021 Global Industrial Internet Conference. Moreover, China’s Ministry of Commerce selected the platform as the first batch of “National Supply Chain Innovation and Application Demonstration Enterprises”.


In terms of business model innovation, Sailun aims to integrate production and sales to better meet market trends and customer needs. It is also seeking to build new partnerships with distributors to achieve integration and mutual benefits. With emerging new industries and business models, Sailun is also focusing on online and offline integrated development to empower distribution channels through technological and service innovation, expand growth opportunities for distributors, as well as provide better services and personalized products to meet the needs of end users.  

Sailun is also pushing to advance its global expansion strategy through the establishment of multiple domestic and international manufacturing facilities. The most recently established Cambodia factory, which has a capacity of 9 million pieces high-performance PCR tires a year, began operations within nine months of initial construction despite difficulties arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This new facility represents a new chapter in Sailun’s global growth and will be able to better meet the company’s rapidly growing production demand and ensure sufficient supply to key markets.

2022 ushers in the 20th anniversary of Sailun Group and its mission to “Make Great Tires”. With the many accolades to the group’s name, Sailun still has a long journey ahead, but will continue to reach new heights and establish itself as a leader in the global tire industry.

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