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Sailun partners with New Carzone Auto Parts for online and offline marketing of EcoPoint3 tires

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Sailun Group inked a strategic cooperation agreement with New Carzone Auto Parts and launched its new EcoPoint3 passenger car tires at its headquarters on June 16. Present at the event were New Carzone’s Chief Operating Officer Li Yi, Director of Tire Business Suo Wenjun, Marketing Director Zhang Jian, Sailun Group’s Chairman Yuan Zhongxue, Vice Chair Liu Yanhua and President Wang Jianye. Other attendees included representatives of New Carzone’s Tmall store and members of the media.

Three EcoPoint3 passenger tires C01, E01+ and S01 were unveiled during the product launch. Xie Libo, director of Passenger Car Tire Research at Sailun Group’s R&D Center, gave a presentation on the disruptive technology of EcoPoint3 and the outstanding performance of the three new products.


Xie Libo during a presentation of the new products


New Carzone’s COO Li Yi, Director of Tire Business Director Suo Wenjun, Marketing Director Zhang Jian, Sailun Group’s Chair Yuan Zhongxue, Vice Chair Liu Yanhua, and President Wang Jianye jointly launched the three new products.

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Product launch of EcoPoint3 passenger tires


C01, E01+ and S01 are developed for the passenger car tire market in China. All three products feature powerful performance, focusing on safety and comfort, energy efficiency and durability as well as high-end functions to bring a quality experience to tire users in China.

Launched in December 2021, Sailun’s EcoPoint3 truck and bus tires in China have received rave reviews for their outstanding fuel economy, comfort and quiet performance. Sailun further launched a range of passenger and truck tires in May developed for the European and North American markets at The Tire Cologne 2022 trade fair. The new products have attracted plenty of attention on the global stage after showing outstanding performance in major international tests, reaching or even surpassing the standards of top global tire brands.

Sailun has been committed to making great tires and prioritizes the provision of quality products and services. As a leading company of automotive aftermarket services in China, New Carzone aims to focus on user experience and vehicle safety, common values that will strengthen both companies’ partnership.

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Vice Chair of Sailun Group Liu Yanhua

640 (3).jpg New Carzone COO Li Yi


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New Carzone Tire Division Director Suo Wenjun


During the event, Sailun Group Vice Chair Liu Yanhua, New Carzone COO Li Yi and Director of Tire Business Suo Wenjun delivered speeches. Meanwhile, Sailun Group President Wang Jianye and New Carzone Tire Division Director Suo Wenjun signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of their companies.


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Sailun Group President Wang Jianye and Suo signing the strategic cooperation agreement


As a service provider dedicated to the integration of the automotive aftermarket with nationwide network coverage, New Carzone has set up over 1,200 stores throughout the country, ensuring “30-minute delivery” to customers in need of maintenance services. Established with the aim of providing “quality, transparent and reliable” services, the Tmall Autocare project is integrated with Alibaba’s platforms, New Carzone’s auto parts supply chain and F6 technology. The project has been expanded to over 2,100 Tmall autocare stores in China. New Carzone has also launched its Tire Care aftermarket supply chain, gaining widespread attention in the industry. New Carzone hopes to partner with offline maintenance stores to create a new online and offline retail service brand that is trusted by consumers, and build a new one-stop platform for automotive aftermarket services.

Both companies will open up the value chain, from manufacturing and delivery of goods, platform-based marketing to aftersales services, providing safer products, better user experience and quality services.

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Apart from expanding its offline stores, Sailun is also looking at adopting new retail operating models to better meet the needs of consumers. Sailun recently launched its flagship store on Tmall offering tire customization services to meet the specific needs of users.

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