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Sailun’s debuts revolutionary EcoPoint3 tires at Tire Cologne

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The Tire Cologne 2022 international trade fair took place at the Koelnmesse exhibition center from May 24-26. The exhibition provided a platform to raise awareness of Chinese tire brands, and Sailun took the opportunity to stand out among global competitors with its EcoPoint3 tires that brought disruptive innovation to the tire industry.



International third-party testing organizations TÜV SÜD, AUTOBILD and IFV were all involved in conducting tests on Sailun's EcoPoint3 tire products. All the tested tires showed outstanding performance, reaching or even exceeding the standards of top global tire brands. Four of the tires obtained TÜV MARK certification, marking a breakthrough in the global tire industry.



Following the TÜV SÜD testing, Sailun’s new-generation long-haul commercial tires SFL2, SDL2 and STL2 received TÜV MARK certification with performance that surpassed TÜV standards. This is also the first time a Chinese brand has passed TÜV MARK certification for all wheel positions. The TÜV SÜD test showed the fuel consumption reaching 23.99L/100km under the standard load of 40 tons, which is 3.3% more fuel-efficient than the latest bestselling tire products of a top global brand. It also saved 7.6% more fuel compared with the latest bestselling fuel-efficient tire products of another top global brand. Tested and certified by European certification institutions, the product series has passed EU labeling requirements, whereby both rolling resistance and noise received the highest rating of Class A while wet skid resistance received a Class B label. It also passed the performance test on snowy road conditions, with overall performance reaching world standards.

The Atrezzo ZSR2 passenger car tire was also awarded the TÜV MARK certification after passing TÜV SÜD’s test. The performance of Atrezzo ZSR2 outmatched other brands in dry and wet braking, wet handling, rolling resistance and other key performance areas related to product safety and environmental protection during the test. Its wet grip index reached 1.74, far exceeding the EU’s Class A label standards and further demonstrated the advantages of EcoPoint3 technology.

AUTOBILD and IFV conducted a joint test on another passenger car tire, Atrezzo Elite. Driving a distance of 2,000km at 120km/h, the tire’s fuel consumption was found to be 5% lower than an international tire brand. This meant that a car fitted with Atrezzo Elite tires can save about 75 liters of fuel at 15,000km a year. Moreover, Atrezzo Elite’s rolling resistance is 25% lower than other tires and its noise level is 3dB lower, achieving the EU’s Class A tire rating.

The Atrezzo 4Seasons Pro, an all-season tire developed with Sailun's EcoPoint3 technology, recorded performance improvements with 15% lower rolling resistance, while its braking performance on dry, wet and snowy conditions is comparable to top global tire brands.

Meanwhile, ERANGE | EV products are specially developed for electric vehicles in North America. Compared with top global brands, its dry braking distance is shortened by 5%, rolling resistance is reduced by 15%, and the cruising range increased 7%, according to test results from international organizations. It is an electric vehicle tire that can meet the performance requirements of users.

There is a now a global consensus on green, low-carbon and sustainable development. Sailun’s tires equipped with EcoPoint3 are leading a technological change in energy efficiency and carbon reduction. From raw material selection, production and manufacturing to product use and recycling, the tires’ life cycle promotes low-carbon growth to save fuel consumption and reduce emissions of fine particulate matter. This is of great significance to deal with the global energy crisis and facilitate the achievement of global carbon reduction targets.



For commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses, using tires equipped with EcoPoint3 can save 2-7 liters of fuel for every 100 kilometers on highways. A truck and bus traveling 200,000km will save at least 4,000 liters of fuel, thereby reducing 10.6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Based on the 2022 sales volume of 6.2 million trucks and buses in Europe, the use of EcoPoint3 tires can save 24.8 billion liters of fuel and cut 65 million tons of carbon emissions.



EcoPoint3 technology is a major innovation in the global tire industry, addressing the technical issue that rubber raw materials cannot be uniformly dispersed on a nanoscale. It also solves the “Magic Triangle” problem, whereby the three major aspects of tires -- rolling resistance, wet braking performance and wear resistance –

could not be improved simultaneously. The EcoPoint3 technology has managed to improve the overall tire performance, promoting energy efficiency, safety, environmental protection, comfort and quiet performance.


EcoPoint3 technology is currently used in passenger car tires, commercial vehicle tires and specialty tire applications, and all Sailun tires are expected to benefit from the technology in the future to bring safer, greener, more comfortable and more wear-resistant tires to global users.

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