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Australian Dealers Experience Qingdao

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Australian Dealers Experience Qingdao

Sailun had the pleasure of receiving 28 Australian customers in Qingdao for the week of August 17th. 

The visit entailed providing each customer with a greater understanding of where the Sailun brand comes from and what it takes to create the tires their customers rely on every day. This entailed trips to scenic locations around coastal Qingdao to soak up the local culture, beautiful scenery and temperate weather.

Trips included Mount Lao, Firewood court, and the home of China’s most famous beer, the Qingdao Beer Factory. One of the larger events was the famous Qingdao Beer Festival where the group seemed to receive more attention than the performers on stage. Needless to say they received an unparalleled warm welcome from all the Chinese attendees and unique experience to share with everyone back home.

Between the more leisurely experiences, the Australian customers were able to experience the more educational side of the trip by visiting the Sailun factory. A majority of attendees have many years of experience with tires, yet never had the opportunity to see how a tire was constructed.  From the Quality and Process Control system, different stages and production equipment, to the final testing stages and storage, the tour provided the group with a better understanding of the sophisticated processes that go into making a quality Sailun brand tire. 

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