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Sailun in Taklimakan Rally

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Sailun Tire in Taklimakan Rally

June 10, 2015, Sailun Group and the Rui Qi’s Zhengzhou Nissan pickup team have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the 2015 International Taklimakan Rally. 

As we debut the Sailun and Rui Qi Zhengzhou Nissan partnership, Sailun not only looks to build a brand and consumer interaction platform, but also hopes, through the Taklimakan Rally and Zhengzhou Nissan, to influence and promote a mutually beneficial relationship to allow end consumers to better understand Sailun. 

The tire requirements for the Takliman race go far beyond every-day tire requirements. The events not only highlight the technical skills of racers in the field, but also test the use of experienced and technological tires made by advanced tire manufacturers. Opportunities such as this also provide manufacturers a better understanding of tire technical capabilities and customer needs. For this race, Sailun was able to provide the Rui Qi Zhengzhou Nissan team with the SV12 product, a high-performance SUV tire from the Sailun Brand. The tires have great high-speed cornering stability, grip and other superior features which provided a strong guarantee for the first place prize!

Equipped with Sailun tire, Rui Qi's Zhengzhou Nissan pickup team won the T2 class championship.  

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