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DTC and Sailun Ice Hocky Sponsorship

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DTC and Sailun Ice Hocky Sponsorship

Over the past several years, Sailun Tire has seen a strong increase in marketing activities. In addition to direct participation in professional events outside of tire testing, Sailun Tire has extended their reach into social welfare and charities through a number of sponsorship activities. These activities have invigorated the Sailun brand and generated stronger influence in overseas markets by communicating Sailun’s strong brand values. Canada is one such market.

Sailun Tire correspondents in Toronto have informed us they have been sponsoring a minor-league hockey teams for the past two years and have seen great success in brand recognition and growth. Overall, the sponsorship includes 130 teams covering 2,500 households around the country. The sponsorship brings households into direct contact with the Sailun brand by placing the Sailun Tire logo on the participants’ equipment, providing tire coupons to influence trial purchases, and handing out product catalogs to get customers informed on Sailun products.

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