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Our Mission

"Make Great Tires" is the commitment of Sailun to users and society; it's the best embodiment of the highest working principle, unremitting pursuit and results of all Sailun members.

"Make Great Tires" is not only the most important condition for creating value and sustainable profit for Sailun, but also concerns the national economy, people's livelihood, and the development of civilization.

Sailun takes this as its mission, focusing on the development and application of rubber tire technology and services, continuously providing users and society with better products and services, so as to allow society to drive more safely, freely and efficiently.

Through the improvement of our internal management, strengthening of basic research, optimization of resource allocation, and other measures, Sailun will reach technological autonomy, intelligent manufacturing capabilities, and be recognized as an international brand. This will allow us to reach the level of other world-class brands with first-class products, marketing capabilities, and competition, and to grow into a respected, trusted, and global influential tire company by 2025.

  • Core Values

    Trust and Respect.

  • Quality

    Be dedicated to providing more valuable products and services to customers with full participation and continuous improvement.

  • Safety

    Safety and risk prevention are the prerequisites for all work.

  • Manager Code of Conduct

    Like-mindedness, Unity, Self-discipline, Dedication

  • Talent Concept

    Professionalism, Capable, Responsible, Competency

  • Employee Code of Conduct

    Integrity, Rule Bound, Customer-Oriented, Team-Oriented, Continuous Learning, Innovative

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