Social Value

Social Values

We consistently adhere to the harmonious integration of social responsibility and self-development, continually contributing to the prosperity of society while promoting our core values of 'Trust and Respect.

Employee Rights and Benefits
Salary and benefits

Sailun Group is committed to building a comprehensive system to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees, along with a fair and reasonable salary incentive system, to provide employees with fair, competitive, and caring welfare treatment. The Group implements a value chain bonus incentive distribution mechanism centered on "value creation," "value evaluation," and "value sharing," providing equity incentives to core staff, and issuing special incentives such as cars and motorcycles to employees who have made exceptional contributions. The group has implemented a value chain bonus incentive distribution mechanism centered on "value creation," "value evaluation," and "value sharing.

Employee care

The Sailun Group's labor union implements various forms of cultural and sports activities to integrate enterprise culture, continuously enriching employees' leisure cultural life, and consistently enhancing employees' sense of happiness and job satisfaction. They have formulated the 'Group Employee Care and Assistance Management Regulations' and the 'Group Risk Relief Fund' to assist employees and their immediate family members in coping with major illnesses and accidents. The union provides employees with diversified care and services, truly undertaking good and practical endeavors for their well-being.

Talent Development

Sailun Group has established a hierarchical and thematic talent development model that includes testing, learning, practicing, evaluating, and tracking. Guided by the principle of "people-oriented," the company has established a talent standard system aligned with strategic demands and a development-centered training program. This ensures that employees have input, goals, and opportunities for development at every stage of their careers.

Personnel Training

Sailun Group has established a hierarchical and themed talent training model that includes testing, learning, training, examination, and tracking. Guided by the value of "people-oriented", establish a talent standard system that targets strategic needs and a talent development centered training project system, so that employees can have input, goals, and development at every stage of their career development.

Giving Back to Society
Giving back to Societys

Sailun Group remains committed to its original intention of giving back to society. During this special period, the group donated ten million dollars for the first time and contributed tires, masks, and other medical supplies to support the fight against the epidemic both domestically and internationally. Sailun's passion and kindness are also evident in several cases of disaster relief, school contributions, and help for the impoverished and needy.

Environmental Protection Public Welfare

Sailun Group organizes public welfare activities centered around environmental protection, such as the "Xinduqiao-Lhasa Environmental Protection Self-driving Activity" and the "Children's Heart Painting Future Parent-child Tour Activity." These initiatives aim to encourage employees to cultivate awareness of environmental protection and a sense of social responsibility, thereby integrating green environmental practices into both the corporate culture and family life.

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