Green Product

Green Products

We place great importance on product life cycle management and remain dedicated to providing society with environmentally friendly tire products.

Green Products

The Sailun Group employs the world's first novel chemical rubber material to develop "liquid gold" tires. These tires reduce rolling resistance while enhancing wet skid resistance and wear resistance, effectively breaking the "devil's triangle" that has troubled the tire industry for years. This breakthrough makes driving safer, more energy-efficient, and comfortable while also extending tire service life. It marks the fourth landmark technological innovation in the world's rubber tire industry.

Product Testing
Assist Sany Magic Tower 1165 in challenging Guinness Records

Liquid gold tires assist Sany Magic Tower 1165 in challenging the Guinness World Record. On June 6, 2023, the maiden voyage of the Sany Magic Tower 1165 electric tractor was officially launched, successfully establishing the Guinness World Record for the longest distance traveled by a semi-trailer electric truck on a single charge, covering a distance of 817.5 kilometers.

Helping CNHTC Yellow River X7 Challenge Guinness Records

Liquid gold tires assisted the Heavy Duty Yellow River X7 in challenging the Guinness World Record. On April 18, 2023, under the event banner of 'Extremely Intelligent Fuel Saving Breaks the Boundary - Heavy Duty Yellow River X7 Heavy Truck Challenges the Longest Distance Driven on a Tank of Fuel,' the vehicle, carrying a total weight of 49 tons of cargo, covered a distance of 4,871.18 kilometers, setting the Guinness World Record. The truck traveled 4,871.18 kilometers, establishing a new Guinness World Record.

TÜV test

In 2022, during the German TÜV SÜD fuel efficiency test for tire products, Liquid Gold tires demonstrated a 3.3% fuel savings compared to an international top-tier brand under standard 40-ton load conditions. In the sixth China New Energy Vehicle (Commercial Vehicle) Tour test, conducted jointly with Shenzhen Ground Railway Rental Car, Liquid Gold tires exhibited an average power consumption reduction of 2.7 degrees/100km compared to the original tires, resulting in a 7.4% power-saving rate. In comparison tests with other domestic new energy cars, commercial vehicles, and logistics vehicle tires, Liquid Gold tires also displayed outstanding performance in wear resistance, fuel efficiency, and wet braking capabilities.

New Energy Vehicle Tour

In 2023, at the Shenzhen New Energy Vehicle Energy-saving Competition, Liquid Gold Tires demonstrated a 4.6-degree reduction in electricity consumption per 100 kilometers compared to a leading domestic brand, achieving a 12% increase in energy efficiency. Moreover, during a continuous high-speed drive of 100 kilometers, Liquid Gold Tires maintained a tire shoulder temperature 5°C lower than that of a leading domestic brand, thereby ensuring higher levels of driving safety.

Product Certification
The first China-mark certification in China’s all-steel tire industry

In 2023, TÜV Rheinland of Germany inspected and certified the company's products. Among them, four types of truck tires, namely SFL12, SDL17, STL16, and SFL1, were awarded the first China-mark certificate for truck tires in China.

The German TÜV MARK certification certificate

In 2022, T Ü V S Ü D in Germany released professional test data on liquid gold tires. Among them, three truck and passenger car tires and one passenger car tire obtained the T Ü V MARK certificate, achieving the best performance of Chinese tire companies in the world rubber tire field.

Product Carbon Footprint Verification

In 2022, TÜV Rheinland of Germany conducted a product carbon footprint verification of liquid gold tires. The results showed that for every 1,000 kilometers driven, the whole life cycle carbon emissions of liquid gold truck tires and passenger car tires decreased by 39% and 27%, respectively, compared to ordinary tires of the same specifications. In 2023, Sailun Group's SFL2/SDL2 products passed the 2017/2400 certification and obtained the world's first set of carbon credit certificates in the tire industry.

Intelligent Tires

Based on years of information technology accumulation, Sailun Group has deeply integrated new generation information technologies such as the internet, big data, and artificial intelligence with tire manufacturing, developing digitized and intelligent solutions for tires. Currently, intelligent tires can provide real-time feedback on their own information, such as tire temperature, pressure, wear, etc. In the future, with next-generation sensors, intelligent tires will also be able to monitor environmental information, such as road conditions. They will also interact with smart vehicles to enhance safety, efficiency, comfort, and environmental friendliness in smart driving scenarios. Additionally, the collected big data will offer robust technical support for intelligent transportation systems.

Currently, smart tire products have covered a full range of steel tires, semi-steel tires, and off-road tires, encompassing multiple business scenarios including transportation, machinery manufacturing, agriculture, mining. and more. They have been widely sold in many countries around the world.

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